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//  R U N  F R O M  T H E  Z O M B I E S  //
:: It is early March 2020...
 On your social media feed,
 you read some strange news...
 There was some kind of virus outbreak
 in China
 that originated from laboratories
 near a wet market...
 "Well, that's far away from here!"
 "No worries!"...
 you thought, and who cares anyhow?
 You kissed your kids goodbye to school,
 said goodbye to your wife
 and went to the office.
 Luckily your kids and wife are safe...
:: Three months later...
 Your city is in lockdown,
 there does not seem to be an escape
 from the virus.
 It spread throughout the world...
 people are dying by the droves...
 mass graves are dug...
 Luckily your kids and wife are safe...
:: Another three months pass...
 The world is racing to produce a vaccine...
 some first results seem positive.
 If all goes well,
 the first mass vaccination
 starts in 3 months...
 Your youngest daughter makes you smile!
 "I'm not feeling so good daddy"
 she says
:: Three months later...    
 "Too late, just what a sh*t world!"
 you think and you kiss the photo
 with your wife and kids on it...
 you hardly notice the black border anymore...
 "I don't want a f*cking vaccine!"
 you shout at the doctor...
 You went home,
 took a bottle of Gin, your tablet
 and sat on the couch...
 drinking, browsing...
:: You get up from a restless night...
 You vaguely remember the evening before
 you saw some disturbing news passing by
 on your social media feed...
 The vaccine had a side effect...
 It made people crave for human flesh...
 something about killers
 eating the flesh of the people they kill...
 "What a f*cked up world"
 you think..
 You hear some strange noise coming from the streets...
 You go outside to see what's happening...
    VIC 20 + 3K
    ++// CASSETTE
    - Rewind casette
    - Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP
    - Press PLAY on the cassette player
    ++// VICE
    $> xvic -memory 3k zombierun-pal-3k.prg
    - starts the game
    - makes you jump
    - restarts the game
├── STORY.txt
└── zombierun-pal-3k.prg
0 directories, 4 files
(c) 2020 Johan Van den Brande (nanoflite / ACT^OTL)
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
Unauthorised copying, lending, broadcasting,
except resale,
without express
written permission from
the author
is endorsed.
No Guarantee
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tagscommodore, Endless Runner, Halloween, Retro, Survival Horror, vc20, VIC-20, Zombies


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Download a zip file containing...

  • The cassette inlay and labels as pdf files, so you can print them and make your own cassette version!
  • The victracker module used in this game (duh). 
  • PAL and NTSC versions of the 3K and 8K+ versions, so you can play these on a real VIC 20 with an 8K or 16K expansion or above.
├── STORY.txt
├── assets
│   ├── cassette_inlay.pdf
│   ├── cassette_label_ntsc.pdf
│   ├── cassette_label_pal.pdf
│   └── zombierun.vt
├── zombierun-ntsc-3k.prg
├── zombierun-ntsc-8k+.prg
├── zombierun-pal-3k.prg
└── zombierun-pal-8k+.prg
1 directory, 11 files


Get a REAL cassette to play the game on a REAL VIC20 as they where supposed to!

This cassette contains a PAL side and an NTSC side. These cassettes are made for a VIC+3K only. 

Expose yourself to real waiting times while the tape churns out the bytes and sends them to the VIC.

The price includes shipping as well... worldwide. I wish itch.io had a shipping fee selector... 


Sorry for shipping... but I need to ask to pay for the shipping fee and handling for outside the EU. There's extra paperwork involved as well... We'll need to work something out on an individual basis.

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Nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:19:42. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂